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    Contact our South African branch at: 

    E-mail: support@dadobaths.co.za
    Telephone: +27 12 803 9431 / +27 12 803 4733
    Fax: +27 86 684 6276
    Mobile: +27 83 276 4766


    235 Vonkprop road
    Samcor Park
    South Africa



Is it necessary to seal DADOquartz?

No, DADOquartz is manufactured with resin and quartz, and is cast under vacuum.  Therefor the resin and quartz matrix does not require sealant.

Are DADOquartz scratch- and stain resistant?

Yes, DADOquartz is scratch and stain resistant to everyday use.  

Can DADOquartz be buffed to its original state in the years to come?

Yes, DADOquartz can be buffed with carborundum (P800) paper or diamond polishing pads.

Can I paint the outside of DADOquartz baths and basins?

Yes, you can decorate the outside of the products with oil-based paints. Clean the surface of the DADOquartz bath or basin with acetone prior to painting, this will ensure a better bond. 

Is DADOquartz bathtubs and basins suitable for outside use?

DADOquartz has UV stabiliser build into it, but we still recommend outside cover to protect the products from direct sunlight.  

How do I clean DADOquartz?

DADOquartz can be cleaned with DuPont's Stone, Tile and Benchtop Cleaner.  This can be purchased in Australia through Woolworths. 

For Stubborn stains you can use a combination of DuPont cleaner and Scotch-Brite pad.  

Ammoniac products like Jiff and Handy Andy can be used on DADOquartz surfaces.

Download relevant document < here >

Does the DADOquartz products come with any hardware?

1.  DADOquartz basins are not supplied with any hardware.

2.  DADOquartz vanities are supplied with wall-hung brackets, but not any other hardware.